Brokers & Commissions

Hard Money Lenders employ brokers on a commission basis to identify all influencing factors on both ends and determine the best course of action for a borrower. Our flexibility contributes to the lending process, and the inclusion of intermediaries makes everything seamless.

hard money lenders


hard money lenders


hard money lenders


Rates Terms and Fees

1st trust deeds starting at 8.00% and 2nd trust deeds starting at 10%

Terms from 1 to 3 years

Origination fees from 1 – 4 points depending on loan amount

Contact our office for exact pricing

Loan Package Requirements

Business Purpose Loan Application

Credit Report

Drivers License

Fire/Liability Insurance

Last 3 Months Bank Statements

Appraisal or Interior and Exterior Pictures

Preliminary Report (purchase only)

Purchase Agreement (if applicable)

Escrow Instructions (purchase Only)

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