Hard Money Lenders - Long Beach

Hard Money Lenders – Long Beach, Ca Long Beach, The Port City Alongside Los Angeles, Now Bestows All The Same Substantial Benefits On It’s Residents Offered By A Hard Money Lender In Residential, Commercial, Industrial And Mixed-Used Real Estate

Sharing one of its borders with Los Angeles, Long Beach has it’s own distinctive qualities: first off it’s a charter city, which in many ways says it runs things it’s own way. Secondly, it has shown strong real estate appreciation since 2012, where the average single-family home, for example, has escalated from $347K to $586K – according to Zillow.

These items aside, there are many of its residents still suffering from fractured credit scores. As a result, sharing and partaking in Long Beach’s lucrative opportunities in the industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential property markets is problematic. The reasons all boil down to past FICO and loan infractions.

The solution to all this is now on your doorstep: Hard Money Lenders Inc. – a hard money lender with its extensive experience throughout California. Our company can access first or second lien loans for individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals, without having to jump through hoops or scale mountains of past sins. We have the expertise to guide you through the labyrinth of a bumpy credit background that kills all chances of success, often before you even start.

So if it’s a loan in any of the above-mentioned markets that’s holding you back, for whatever poor credit reason, know that we actively get great results in private money loans, bridge loans, long-term private financing or investor loans. We even refinance with no limit cash outs for business purposes. With the Fed regularly raising interest rates, this vital resource cannot be overestimated.

While our range and our depth may look impressive, our platinum reputation comes from our close-up contact with our clients. As a priority, we remove the strain that taints the loan-seeking actions of many. We do this simply with a cohesive team effort of qualified and trained agents. Our process is straightforward and direct: we look for equity in the asset at any level – even if it’s below the acceptable norm. Then we structure a reasonable plan to repay the loan and the interest over a duration that makes sense. Even if the equity evaluation is not workable, we are conversant with applying cross-collateralization as an alternative that generally works well.

We do not rate our clients by the size of the loan. Whether you are borrowing as low as $50,000 or as high as $2 million, you will always receive the same first-class PML Financial client attention. Taking care of small and large irrespective is the foundation of a solid hard money lender in California – and Long Beach in particular. Be assured that when you come to us for your loan needs our terms and rates outcompete the best, and small print issues are never a client issue with us. Our open book methodology ensures clarity through the process and afterwards. Our service is fast, hassle-free and completely reliable by any comparative standards. This is in no small measure a product of intensive team training and investment in essential resources to make the client experience a happy one.

Long Beach residents now have a one-stop outlet for all their loan requirements – across a broad spectrum. Hard Money Lenders Inc as a private Hard lender represents a convergence of depth, resourcefulness and client orientation in the arena of property financing. From deal opening to closing, you won’t find better. For more information or inquiries on qualifying for a hard money loan, please submit to 

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