Hard Money Lenders - Concord

Hard Money Lenders – Concord, Ca Concord With Its Prolific Industrial, Commercial, Mixed Use And Residential Real Estate Development Has Called On The Deep Resources Of A Hard Money Lender To Help Resident Investors Participate In Its Growth.

The San Francisco Bay area is host to the city of Concord, which has traditionally been a bedroom community to Oakland and of course the city of San Francisco itself. However, in recent years Concord has developed a business presence in its own right, thus elevating investor interest to the highest level. Substantial redevelopment projects including high-density condominiums and apartment buildings close to the downtown perimeter have been initiated. This paints a picture of sure change that throws investment opportunity firmly under the spotlight. Opportunity, in turn, comes with hidden financial traps that in the past have entangled many aConcord resident; to the point whereFICO scores were left floundering – credit blemishes thatremain to this very day. This inevitably makes real estate first and second lien funding a non-starter for thousands eager to invest in this arena.

Enter Hard Money Lenders Inc. – a prestige hard money lender that has changed the investment landscape in this city to the point where no obstacle is too big to tackle. Armed with a stellar team of loan agents and deep resources stored in the cloud, we have addressed almost all the credit snags and restrictions holding some Concord residents back. The industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential properties are now much more open to investments channeled through diverse structures including individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and even foreign nationals. We wasted no time in connecting these investment vehicles to private money loans, bridge loans, long-term private financing and investor loans, thus creating opportunities instead of simply accepting that credit-troubled clients don’t qualify.

Our trusted formula hinges on unearthing equity value in the targeted real estate, something we prioritize for every loan application irrespective of size. Clients looking to fund as low as $50,000 all the way up to $2 million earn our undivided attention. Once we have a lock on equity value, we dive into the meat of the contract and magnify all the small print to eliminate after-sale shock. From there the process is smooth sailing and moves with great speed to converge on our insistence that only the lowest possible interest rates will do. We follow this up by negotiating the easiest client terms to give maximum comfort to lender and borrower.

Surprisingly, we are most remembered for the success we achieve in the minority of cases where equity value is not anything we can work with. In situations like this our experience with cross-collateralization technology has achieved amazing results. Similarly, the sometimes complex refinancing of business loans has turned out to be fertile ground for us to find solutions against rising interest rates. We are in fact positioned to implement these with no cash out limits and we have carved out a dominating position for ourselves in this prominent niche.

The city of Concord has embraced Hard Money Lenders Inc. with both arms based on our astute Hard money lending acumen, much to the chagrin of our competitors. The latter have been left to contemplate the facts that better reliability; greater speed, ingenuity and professional resources have won the day for us in this important corner of California.

For a truly fulfilling real estate loan service, residents of Concord can contact us at

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